About our product

Our Bio Polyol is a high quality bio based polyol, produced from renewable materials (rapeseed oil and tall oil) for the polyurethane industry e.g. polyurethane system houses, manufacturers of insulation material, rigid foam and other rigid polyurethane products.


The bio carbon content in our Bio Polyols is 70% - 83%. Our Bio Polyols are available in a wide range of hydroxyl values and viscosities. 

Our Bio Polyol is a result of more than 45 years’ experience in polymer science. Inventions by our scientific partner (Institute of wood chemistry of Latvia) were used in the Soviet Union’s spacecraft program, and the European Space Agency (ESA) is presently working with the Institute on projects to develop polyurethane insulation materials for spaceship carriers.


TECHNOLOGY - Our product is a result of almost 45 years of research and experience from our scientific partner - the Institute of Wood Chemistry of Latvia.

COMPETITIVE PRICE - Compared with polyols of petrochemical origin, bio polyols provide not only a sustainable material source but have a stable, competitive price.

RENEWABLE SOURCE - We produce polyol using raw materials from renewable sources such as rapeseed or tall oil. 

GREEN PROCESS - no harmful emmissions or by-products and no waste are created during the process of our Bio Polyol manufacture. 

REDUCED CO2 FOOTPRINT - Our prduct is CO2 negative and allows our clients to pass even the strictest enveronment regulations.

BETTER CHARACTERISTICS - Polyurethane foam, manufactured from our bio polyols, has similar or even better physical characteristics than those obtained from petrochemical origin.