Core Team

Kristiāns Grundštoks
Founder, CEO


Background in law, experience in company
management, innovative product
development, negotiation and client relations

Pēteris Tārs
Business development

Experienced business development and PR specialist

Miķelis Kirpļuks
Co-founder, CTO

Scientific assistant at Institute of Wood Chemistry of Latvia 

Over 8 years experience in polymer laboratory

Edgars Vanags
Research and development

experience in organic and analytical chemistry

Eduards Lasmanis
Production & logistics









Supervisory board


Jānis Liepiņš
Chairman of supervisory board

Partner at venture capital company Flycap.

Dr. Uģis Cābulis
Member of supervisory board

Head of Institute of Wood Chemistry of Latvia

Head of polymer laboratory 

over 22 years experience in polymer science and management


Advisory board


Dr.Daniel Auriel

Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from UCL (Belgium) and an MBA from UM (USA). He has 15+ years of experience in various roles, organizations (incl. Bayer, StoraEnso, Capricorn Venture Partners) and regions bridging innovation & new business with real markets in the chemical/pharmaceutical industry, e.g. identifying and realizing sustainable growth opportunities in different scales and forms including technical development, strategy definition and business execution.