BioPolyol TT

BioPolyol TT

Bio Polyol TT is a bio-based polyol mainly for rigid polyurethane foam production. This polyol is used in a mixture with cross-linking polyols whose functionality is at least five. Our suggested ratio between Bio Polyol TT and the cross-linking polyol is approx. 80:20 by mass.

General description – Polyol is synthesized from forestry by-products. It contains primary hydroxyl functional groups and tertiary amine groups. This polyol is catalytically more active and can be used for spraying PUR formulations. Polyol is difunctional.

Natural Oil Based – estimated biocarbon content ~ 70 %

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Biopolyol TT

Testing standard

Acid value, mgKOH/g

< 5.00

DIN 53402

(OH+NH) value, mgKOH/g

300 – 340

DIN 53240

H2O, mas.%

< 0.2

DIN 51777

Viscosity at 25 °C, mPa∙s

330– 370

DIN 53015

Density, g/cm3


DIN 51757