Polylabs becomes the rising star of export

Latvian chemical company Polylabs, which was recently recognized as the best European chemistry start-up, received the Red Jackets award – the Red vest, symbolizing the company’s great potential in export markets and brand recognition outside of Latvia.

For the sixth year, the Latvian export support movement “The Red Jackets” has been honouring companies who are selling their products in export markets with red jackets and vests. “Polylabs” was recognized as one of ten Latvian rising export stars, as well as received two special awards from companies “EcoBaltia” and “BDO Latvia”.

“Polylabs bio polyols are 100% export products and I am very pleased to be in the same room with the best exporting companies of Latvia. Our product samples have been sent to all parts of the world – USA, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, as well as most European countries. Mass production and export is hard, but very promising business, as foreign markets offer completely different growth opportunities,” says Kristian Grundstoks, founder and CEO of Polylabs.

Polylabs is an innovative chemical company, which in cooperation with the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry is engaged in the production of raw materials for the polyurethane industry from renewable and environmentally friendly resources. Bio Polyols produced by Polylabs contain high amount of bio based carbon, do not produce by-products or harmful emissions during synthesis, and are CO2 negative.

For technical data sheets, please reach out: office@polylabs.lv

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