UPT product line

UPT product line

Bio Polyol UPT products are polyester linear polyols derived from forestry industry by-products, which revolutionize eco-friendly foam production. Tailored for rigid PUR/PIR thermal insulation foam and other applications, it combines technical prowess with environmental responsibility.

Key advantages:

– Bio carbon content ~70%.

– Primary OH groups.

– Excellent Compatibility: UPT polyols have a long alkyl chain with similar properties as polyether polyols which leads to excellent compatibility with physical blowing agents like n-pentane, cyclopentane and isopentane as well as with amine catalysts, flame retardants, HFO blowing agents.

– Low Viscosity: Facilitates smooth processing and homogeneous blending.

– Halogen-Free, Flame Retardant free.

– Negative to low Carbon Footprint: Contributes to sustainability efforts, radically reducing CO2 footprint.

– Green production in an eco-friendly process with no VoCs.